• President: Andreas Novy

Andreas Novy is a socioeconomist who has worked and published widely in the field of urban development, international political economy, social innovation and social-ecological transformation. He is associate professor and head of the Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development at the Department of Socioeconomics at WU Vienna and co-organizer of the Good Life for All Congresses.

  • Honorary president: Kari Polanyi-Levitt

Kari Polanyi Levitt was born in Vienna in 1923 as the daughter of Karl Polanyi and Ilona Duczynska. She is a Canadian economist and Emeritus professor of economics at McGill University in Montreal. In addition to her achievements for her father’s oeuvre, Professor Polanyi Levitt can look back on many years of independent research and publication on questions of economic development. In particular, her work on the role of multinationals and the problems of economic development in the Caribbean region is internationally known. After her retirement at McGill University, Prof. Polanyi Levitt taught at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica as a George Beckford professor until 1997. In 1998, she received an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies, as well as the prestigious John Keneth Galbraith Prize of the Progressive Economics Forum.

  • Vice president: Brigitte Aulenbacher

Brigitte Aulenbacher is a Professor of Sociological Theory and Social Analysis, the Head of the Department for the Theory of Society and Social Analyses at the Institute of Sociology, Johannes Kepler University Linz/Austria, and the co-editor (with Klaus Dörre) of Global Dialogue – the Magazine of the International Sociological Association ISA. Her fields of research are the analysis of contemporary capitalism, sociology of work, sociology of care, gender studies. She co-chairs (with Helma Lutz and Karin Schwiter) the project “Decent care work? Transnational Home Care Arrangements”.

  • Board member: Maria Markantonatou

Maria Markantonatou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of the Aegean in Lesvos, Greece. She teaches Political Sociology and in this period she works on the social and political consequences of Greek crisis as well as the work of Karl Polanyi.

  • Board Member: Claus Thomasberger

Claus Thomasberger was Professor of Economics and Foreign Economic Policy at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences until 2017. Research interests: Political Philosophy, History of Economic Thought, European Integration. Main Publications: Chronik der großen Transformation, Artikel und Aufsätze von Karl Polanyi 1920-1947 (3 Bd.), 2002-2005; Der neoliberale Marktdiskurs, 2009; Das neoliberale Credo, 2012; Auf der Suche nach dem Ökonomischen – Karl Marx zum 200. Geburtstag, 2018; Karl Polanyi’s Vision of a Socialist Transformation, 2018.

  • Financial referent: Veronika Heimerl