Shaping provisioning systems for social-ecological transformation: DECENT CARE FOR ALL WITHIN PLANETARY BOUNDARIES

Fall 2023 Webinar Series

15th August, 2023

Shaping Provisioning Systems for Social-Ecological Transformation: DECENT CARE FOR ALL Webinar Series

The Fall 2023 Webinar Series puts the inclusive, resilient and sustainable provisioning of care for all within planetary boundaries into focus. It takes stock of pioneering work and recent approaches at the intersection of feminist and ecological research and foregrounds the relevance of care in addressing the ecological crisis. Taking lessons from the pandemic, the continued care crisis, and the aggravating climate crisis, the basic provision of care has to be given priority over other economic activities, for example economic activities in the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) and, more generally, over ecologically detrimental sectors. An increasing awareness of human interdependence with the environment raises new questions about how care can be defined, who is included in a caring society, and how good care for all within planetary boundaries can actualise. 


Over the course of four webinars we will debate how to shape provisioning systems for a social-ecological transformation of the care sector with experts of the respective fields.  

September 13th 2023, 6 pm (CET)

Towards a caring economy: Netzwerk Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften meets Foundational Economy

October 11th 2023, 6 pm (CET)
Transition towards a Caring Society

November 8th 2023, 6 pm (CET)
Decent care for all within Planetary Limits

November 22nd 2023, 6 pm (CET)
Transformative Change and changing Societies – Deindustrialization, Digitization, Planetary Boundaries and Care

Facilitators: Corinna Dengler, Fabienne Décieux, Julia Fankhauser, Andreas Novy.

Organized by:

Institute for Multilevel-Governance and Development (WU Vienna);
Institute for Ecological Economics (WU Vienna);
International Karl Polanyi Society
Kompetenzzentrum Alltagsökonomie

In cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Brussels 

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