Join us on May 22nd @WU to explore the role of planning for socio-ecological transformation.
On May 21st we invite you to (re)visit the works of Karl Polanyi with esteemed Polanyi experts Michele Cangiani, Fabienne
The Beyond Growth Conference Austria 2024 is a congress modeled after the event of the same name in the EU
We are looking for your offers for contracts for work & services for a new project with the RLS Brussels
We are happy to announce Prof. Attila Melegh as our 7th Vienna Karl Polanyi Visiting Professor for the summer term
Invitation to submit your abstracts by Feb 17th for the conference Imaginaries and Strategies for Good Care and Good Housing
Find out more about the Visiting Professor's Workshop @CEU Vienna on January 12th and register to participate!
On January 11th, 2024, our 6th Vienna Karl Polanyi Visiting Professor Lane Kenworthy will hold his Public Lecture in Vienna!
Invitation to register for the conference in linz dec 4th-6th November 14th, 2023 INVITATION TO Register to participate by Nov