Books & Papers

Books and Papers


Karl Polanyi.
Life and Works of an Epochal Thinker

Aulenbacher, Brigitte/ Marterbauer, Markus/ Novy, Andreas /Polanyi Levitt, Kari/ Thurnher, Armin (Eds.)
Falter Verlag, Vienna. 2020.

Capitalism in Transformation.
Movements and Countermovements in the 21st Century.

Atzmüller, Roland/ Aulenbacher, Brigitte/ Brand, Ulrich/ Décieux, Fabienne/ Fischer, Karin/ Sauer, Birgit (Eds.)
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019.

Karl Polanyi's Political and Economic Thought.
A Critical Guide.

Dale, Gareth/ Holmes, Christopher/ Markantonatou, Maria (Eds.)
Agenda Publishing, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 2019

Karl Polanyi. Economy and Society

Cangiani, Michele/ Thomasberger, Claus (Eds.)
Polity Press, Cambridge. 2018

Karl Polanyi's Vision of a Socialist Transformation

Brie, Micha/ Thomasberger, Claus (Eds.)
Black Rose Books, Montreal. 2017


Die Finanzialisierung der Welt.
Karl Polanyi und die neoliberale Transformation der Weltwirtschaft.

Novy, Andreas/ Brie, Michael/ Thomasberger, Claus (Hrsg.)
Beltz Juventa, Weinheim. 2020

Karl Polanyi.
Wiederentdeckung eines Jahrhundertdenkers

Aulenbacher, Brigitte/ Marterbauer, Markus/ Novy, Andreas/ Thurnher, Armin (Hrsg.)
Falter Verlag, Wien. 2019


The Promise of Decent Care and the Problem of Poor Working Conditions: Double Movements Around Live-In Care in Austria

Aulenbacher Brigitte, Leiblfinger Michael, Prieler Veronika
2020 (Sozialpolitik Vol.2 / 2020)

Care Scarcity? Care Migration and Political Demography

Mellegh Attila
2020 (Global Dialogue, Vol.10/3)

Facing COVID-19: Live-in Care in Central Europe

Aulenbacher Brigitte, Ezzeddine Petra, Gábriel Dóra, Leiblfinger Michael, Milankovics Kinga, Prieler Veronika
2020 (Global Dialogie, Vol.10/3)