polanyi-PODcast: MEET THE FAMILY

(c) Concordia University

In celebration of Kari Polanyi-Levitt’s 100th birthday on June 14, 2023 the International Karl Polanyi Society is releasing a podcast series on multiple members of the Polanyi family. Find out more about the lives and work of Karl Polanyi, Ilona Duczyńska Polanyi, Kari Polanyi-Levitt, Michael Polanyi, Laura Polanyi Stricker and Eva Zeisel – from the personal to the political, the academic to the activist.

  • How did Karl Polanyi’s political views change over the years?
  • How did the upheavals of the 20th century shape Ilona Duczyńska Polanyi’s political activism?
  • What did Kari Polanyi-Levitt research in the Carribean?
  • How did Michael Polanyi’s contribute to the Philosophy of Science?
  • What was Laura Polanyi Striker’s role in the family?
  • What was it like for Eva Zeisel to become a ceramicist in 1920s Hungary?
Find the answers to these questions and much more in the podcasts below!