Permanent Call for Polanyi Papers

Polanyi Paper series

Permanent Call for Polanyi Papers

The “Polanyi Papers” series of the IKPS plans to collect texts which deal with ongoing transformations and explore contemporary challenges inspired by Karl Polanyi or further the debates on Polanyi’s work and concepts.

The series is open for contributions by international scholars but also, students, doctoral students and/or Ph.D. holders who have written a paper on his work or on a topic on current issues which utilizes Polanyi’ work as a theoretical framework and starting point. The paper series aims to contribute to the international debates on the contemporary relevance of Karl Polanyi’s work. In particular for young researchers, it offers the opportunity to contribute to the international debate on Polanyi’s work and have their work discussed by international experts. Papers should not exceed 6000 words and will be reviewed by the IKPS team.

If you wish to submit a paper, please send it to Maria Markantonatou or Roland Atzmüller


Author's Guide​
All submissions should be prepared in accordance with this guideline and submitted to the series editors by email
• as a WORD document (set in Calibri)
• Full title (& subtitle)
• all authors' full names
• short author CV - 150 words max. each
• abstract - 200-300 words
• main text file - under 6000 words subdivided into at least 3 sub-sections including titles
• references in APA 7th style

The IKPS will use an uniform cover page, Impressum and format the paper text, images and graphs according to the series’ formatting style.