BEyond growth conference vienna

The Beyond Growth Conference Austria 2024 is a congress modeled after the event of the same name in the EU Parliament in Brussels in 2023. 

The event brings together politicians and decision-makers, media representatives and multipliers.

Together with social partnership, business, science, civil society and citizens, we will develop paths to sustainable prosperity. Sales and profits must currently continue to rise. This growth pressure causes many problems – such as inflation or the climate crisis. The idea that the economy can, and even must, grow indefinitely on a planet with limited resources is increasingly being critically questioned. Growth does not automatically bring prosperity for everyone. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that many people are at risk of poverty despite working, the majority of the population has problems paying their bills and environmental problems are increasingly occurring. Our economy is reaching its limits.

The official opening of the conference takes place at the Austrian Parliament on May 13th at 9:30 after a breakfast welcome at 8:30.

Andreas Novy will give an input following the official opening with statements from Alexander Van der Bellen, the President of Austria as well as the President of the National Council of Austria.

For all of you in Vienna, save the date and join this important open forum for the cause!

WHEN?                      May 13th-15th 2024

Where?                       Austrian Parliament

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