Zhang Runkun on the Importance of Polanyi's work in China. 31st of May.
Laudatio at the Inauguration Event of the 1st Viennese Karl Polanyi Visiting Professorship by Brigitte Aulenbacher, May 4th 2021
Rowan Alcock on the democratic sphere of football and the spontaneous countermovement against the ESL. 25th of April.
Chris Hann on Eurosceptic populism, comparing Boris Johnson and Viktor Orban. 30th of December.
Report about the IKPS webinar on „The political Trilemma of Social-Ecological Transformation“. By Lukas Tagwerker, 23rd December
Webinar on The Political Transformation of Social-Ecological Transformation on December, 16th
Online-Discussion with Fred Block, Margaret R. Somers, and Robert Kuttner. Organized by the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy (Montreal).
Margaret Somers on the US-Elections and beyond, interviewed by John Hultgren and David Bond. November, 2020.
Gareth Dale on Degrowth and the US-Elections, interviewed by John Hultgren and David Bond. October, 2020.