Board members of the IKPS receive Kurt-Rothschild-Preis

We are very happy to announce that our board members Brigitte Aulenbacher, Andreas Novy and Veronika Heimerl, together with Richard Bärnthaler, have received the prestigious Kurt-Rothschild-Preis for their contribution „Karl Polanyi, The Great Transformation and Contemporary Capitalism: Putting the Economy in Its Place“.The award ceremony took place on November 7th, 2019(Click here to see the invitation)

The Kurt Rothschild Award for Economic Journalism is awarded in memory of the great achievements of the Austrian economist Kurt Rothschild, whose work has had a lasting influence on science, politics and society in Austria. Rothschild has repeatedly called for putting economic research in a broader context by including social, political and ecological conditions in the work of economists. According to the Renner Institute in Vienna, the Rothschild-Award 2019 was given to “researchers and projects that direct their focus of analysis towards this immanent embeddedness of economic developments.”

Fotos: © Astrid Knie / Renner Institut